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Bachelor of Arts in History

Are those who cannot remember the past condemned to repeat it?

While the paraphrase of a famous statement on the value of history by George Santayana (1863-1952) appears today too deterministic, the study of history at Barry University Provides the knowledge of a context in which to place, understand and better interpret local and world events. As a student majoring in history, your education will provide you with intensive training in research, critical thinking, decision-making, writing and analysis. You will be equipped with the flexibility to succeed in a variety of careers and to go on to more specialized graduate or professional training.

In all history courses at Barry, professors place an emphasis on writing persuasively and creatively. Good writing reflects clear thinking and will give you a competitive edge in the job market or in graduate school.

Barry students also take courses in theology and philosophy; humanities and fine arts; mathematics and social sciences; and the social and behavioral sciences. Our liberal arts curriculum will broaden your education in many ways as you prepare for a career in a wide choice of fields within the corporate and business world, libraries and museums, the practice of law, government service, communication and teaching. (

Students majoring in history at Barry University currently take 33 credits in their major to be supplemented by a minor in a discipline of their choice. Courses in Western Civilization and United States History are also required. Students who choose to pursue a more intense single major in history without an accompanying minor must complete 39 credit hours in history. The department frequently offers courses of special interest to students who wish to learn more about Latin America and Modern Europe.


Students will have the opportunity to do independent study on topics of interest, and internships at various approved agencies. Barry University history majors have interned with numerous professional organization including:

  • Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce
  • Dade Heritage Trust
  • Historical Museum of Southern Florida

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